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If you are in need of a quick way to get your body up to par for an upcoming wedding, then check out our wonderful bridal fitness program. We offer an 8-week program that is filled with personalized exercise plans and nutritious diet information that is customized just for you.

Are you a bride to be looking for a fast way to get into shape for your wedding? Or, are you a member of the wedding party who wants to shape up quickly for that special day? If this sounds like you, then our certified personal trainers in Lexington can help you with the perfect bridal fitness program.
Within a matter of only 8 weeks, you can have a better body and look wonderful for the grand nuptials.

Your bridal fitness program will consist of:
Customized personal exercise program
Diet advice that will compliment your exercise sessions
Personalized cardio and other programs that will get you physically fit for your wedding.
In addition, there will be various benchmarks to ascertain your success.

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