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Fit Kentucky Biggest Loser!

Fit Kentucky believes that every aspect of your life can be improved by living a healthy lifestyle which is why we want to start your year off the right way! Introducing the Fit Kentucky Biggest Loser, a three month program designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle with the[…]

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Fit Kentucky Get Shredded Program

Fit Kentucky’s new fat loss program is here and it is ready to get YOU shredded! This program is suitable for all levels of physical fitness from beginners up to seasoned athletes, so whether you are overweight and looking to shred some pounds, or already in shape and looking to[…]

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Pre-natal Fitness Routine with Mother of Twins!

The benefits of pre-natal fitness are vast, but some women are afraid to workout because they feel that they will harm their babies. We show you nine different exercises that can be performed while pregnant that are both safe and require limited equipment. Always consult your doctor before starting any[…]

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Pre-Natal Fitness on WKYT

Pre-natal fitness can make a substantial difference in how a mother progresses through her pregnancy.   Fit Kentucky had the pleasure of talking about the benefits of pre-natal fitness on the 10 o’clock broadcast on WKYT. YouTube

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