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Your Personal Trainers

Lexington’s Premiere In-Home Personal Training

Personalize your personal training...

Fit Kentucky has an individualized and unique fitness program for everyone. We create effective programs based on your personal, professional, and physical goals, ensuring you will reach your maximum fitness level!

No two people are the same, so why should their work out be?

We understand that you are busy with work, family, and everything else that life brings your way. That's why Fit Kentucky comes to your home or office, with all the equipment necessary to give you a dynamic and rewarding training session that no gym could ever match! In addition, we create customized nutrition and cardio plans for each of our clients. Offering you all the support & motivation possible to help you reach your goals

To learn more about how it works follow the link below.


Golf Fitness

What is golf fitness?

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructors use the biomechanics of the golf swing, applying to the principles of physics to quantitatively study how forces interact through all 3 planes of motion.

Imagine the golf swing and the forces at work. Energy begins at the ground up, through your lower body, torso, lead arm and finally your club head through the ball. Forces in-which the club travels about 27 feet at over 100 miles an hour all in about 2 seconds. For those forces to come together correctly your body must have proper neuromuscular efficiency, balance, joint range of motion, and muscle elasticity and strength.

Science now knows what you always have; that Golf is an athletic pursuit. Allow us to put you through a Titleist Performance Institute created 23 point, strength, range of motion and balance evaluation that will identify any weakness or muscle imbalances you may have. From there, our trainers can generate an extremely personalized, golf specific fitness routine guaranteed to help lower your scores.


"The hardest part about training with Josh was picking up the phone and calling to schedule that ĎFREE consultationí. I was so nervous; would it be too hard, would I like the trainer, would I see results and a million other excuses/questions, that I almost didnít call. Thankfully I did and the results have been better than I could have ever imagined. Fit Kentucky has changed my LIFE, not to mention my waistline."

- Jennifer, 48

Matt has been my personal trainer for more than 2 years now. Best training I've ever had. Matt is very organized and extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness as well as nutrition. For each session he has a well thought out workout that suits my needs and abilities. The workouts vary and are interesting to do. With Matt as my trainer my physical fitness has improved tremendously. Most of all Matt truly cares and wants to do whatever he can to help me improve and stay fit.

- Steve, 52

I originally contacted Matt because I was dealing with a couple of injuries and I needed help planning my workouts. If I had known how much more I would receive from him, I would have called much sooner. Not only has he helped me help me get back in shape, but I’m healthier than I have been in years! He’s extremely knowledgeable about all areas of fitness, nutrition and health, and I’ve gained more support that I thought possible. He’s professional, non-intimidating and a lot of fun to work out with too.

- Kathy, 50

I have been training with Matt for over two years. It was the best decision I made to pick up the phone and give him a call. He puts together a work out plan to help meet your goals. He keeps you on your toes and always keeps raising the bar. He will help you with all aspects of your physical fitness from work outs to nutrition. If you have questions Matt is only a phone call away

- Daniel, 30

I have been training with Matt since ACL/Meniscus surgery on my knee. He has been able to help me get stronger and lose inches despite being on crutches for over 6 weeks! Matt is careful and capable of working around injuries or limitations. He worked with my Physical Therapy goals and I am back to full motion and martial arts training in 8 months! The best thing is that I feel stronger and have more energy than I did before surgery.

- Susan, 42

"Working out with Josh was a part of my weekly lifestyle in Arizona for 4-years. Iím a stay at home mom and after trying several different personal trainers I was fortunate to find the best personal trainer in the country. One of the things I love most about Josh is his amazing attitude. The word canít is not part of his vocabulary. Through the years Josh continually created exercise programs that adapted as my fitness level changed. He helped me lose the baby-weight after my first child, he kept me in shape during my second pregnancy and I saw the amazing benefits of this as he again helped me shed the pounds after my second child was born."

- Vicki, 31